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How to find and use the practice guides & secondary sources in your subscription.

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How do I log in so I can get to OnLAW?

Log in with your existing username and password here:
If you cannot remember your password, use the Forgot Password function to reset your password.
If you cannot recall your username or email address, please contact Customer Support for more assistance:
1-800-232-3444 or 1-510-302-2000 

Can I still use the original OnLAW interface?

Yes! If you are an OnLAW customer, you must access OnLAW via an OnLAW button that appears as part of the navigation bar at the top of your Home screen. Click on the OnLAW button and your familiar OnLAW interface will open up in the same window. 

What if I don't see the OnLAW button on my Home or Research tabs?

Uh oh! Sorry about that! This may be caused by a data migration issue. We recently switched to a new system, and your account may not be properly linked with your law firm, or with all your assets. Let us know what's going on and we'll get everything fixed for you! 

You can leave a message and your contact info here via this app, or contact Customer Service:
1-800-232-3444 or 1-510-302-2000 

Why can't I access any of the content under the new Secondary Sources/Research tab if I'm an OnLAW customer? 

As an OnLAW customer, you do have access to Cases and Statutes under the Research tab, but you can only view your secondary sources via OnLAW. If you try to access Secondary Sources as an OnLAW customer, you will get an out-of-plan message. Instead, you must go to the original OnLAW interface. 

To access content under the new Secondary Sources tab, you must upgrade to a CEB Pro account. If you'd like to do that, call Customer Service: 1-800-232-3444 or 1-510-302-2000. Solo attorneys may also be able to upgrade via their Account page.  

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