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What are Practitioner’s know-how resources?
What are Practitioner’s know-how resources?
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Practitioner’s know-how resources come in 4 major document types, which are then organized into topical Workflows:

Workflows: A chronological overview of the major steps and tasks needed in a particular type of case or legal matter. Lets you see at a glance what work to do now, while anticipating the work and issues that are coming next.

How-To Guides: Step-by-step procedural guidance on how to perform a specific legal task or approach a certain issue. Includes county-level procedural guidance where appropriate.

Strategy Notes: Outline the key strategic and tactical considerations that practitioners should take into account when approaching either a specific legal task or substantive legal topic.

Charts & Checklists: Quick reference tools, so you never miss a step.

Annotated Sample Documents: High-quality attorney-drafted templates and standard clauses, with annotations explaining a particular document’s requirements, and how, when, and why to adapt the language or use alternative clauses.

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