What MCLE products does CEB offer?

CEB offers CLE Passports, which offer unlimited 24/7 access to our entire library of on demand programs, Compliance Packages, which offer curated packages of 25 hours in your practice area to meet all your compliance needs, and CoursePasses, if you only need a few hours of MCLE credit. See the CLE Passport, Compliance Package, and CoursePass product pages for more information.

Does CEB sell access to individual courses or programs?

No, it is not possible to purchase an individual program. Users may purchase Course Passes in 6 and 12 hours amounts, Compliance Packages that satisfy all MCLE requirements and Passports that provide unlimited access to CEB’s MCLE on-demand library.

Is CEB a certified California Bar MCLE Provider?

Yes. As a non-profit program of the University of California, CEB is one of the state’ oldest certified MCLE Providers. Our provider number is 26.

Is CEB a certified MCLE provider in any states other than California?

CEB is not certified outside of California, however California MCLE is recognized in many other states. Please see the University of Arizona for a helpful synopsis of state MCLE reciprocity rules.

For which areas of law is CEB certified by the California State Bar to provide specialization credit?

We are currently certified to provide specialization credit in the following areas:

· Criminal Law

· Workers' Compensation Law

· Taxation Law

· Family Law

· Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law

· Appellate Law

How often does CEB update courses?

New on demand programs are added each week. We also update approximately one-third of our on demand library each year by reviewing each course for continued relevancy and accuracy and updating the programs that need it. Some individual courses may remain available for more than three years if the contents are accurate and the presentation has unique value.

Do CEB MCLE courses provide participatory credit?

Yes. All CEB on-demand courses provide participatory credit.

Where does CEB get presenters for its CLE courses?

CEB works with active practitioners who have an established record of competence in their area of the law to present CLE courses. Additionally, each course is vetted and reviewed by CEB staff attorneys to ensure the information present is accurate and up to date. If you are interested in becoming a presenter, please contact customer service who will put you in contact with a CEB staff attorney.

E-mail: customer_service@ceb.ucla.edu

For Customer Service: 800-232-3444 or 510-302-2000

Hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (PT) M–F

Can I use CEB to record and track credits from other CLE providers?

No, not at the moment. CEB only records the completion of programs purchased from CEB and viewed in the CEB system.

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