Does the program have an automatic backup routine built in? What should I back up?

We recommend that all users establish a regular backup routine, whether that is daily, weekly or monthly. The Essential Forms installer generates a backup when the Judicial Council update is run every January and September. Those backups are stored in the Release Backups folder inside the Data folder. If you set up automatic backup software make sure the entire Essential Forms Data folder gets backed up. We have a backup tool built into the program so you can manually backup your database by clicking File, then Backup Data, and designating a location to save the backup (.efx) file.

When you import Legal Solutions data, only the client and matter information import. Legal Solutions Plus forms are saved in a format which is not compatible with that of Essential Forms and cannot be imported.

We all have our own clients on each workstation. Is it possible to merge the separate databases?

Yes. For step-by-step instructions please call Technical Support at 800-870-1101 or email them at

I am getting a "Maximum Users" error message and the program won't open.

Have all users on the network close Essential Forms. Launch Essential Forms Program on one computer. Click View System Information, and under Network check Current Users. If Current Users is set to 1, the problem should be resolved. If Current Users is set to anything besides 1, close Essential Forms, go to another computer and repeat the above steps. If, after performing these steps on all computers, the user count is not reset to 1, the server (or the computer on which the Essential Forms data resides) will need to be rebooted to get the user count to reset.

I am getting an error message, "component transfer error" when trying to run an Essential Forms update.

"Component transfer error" means that the installer cannot copy files to the Essential Forms program folder or data folder. It can be caused by someone else on the network opening the program during an install, a bad network connection, or a file in one of the Essential Forms folders set to read-only. Reboot the computer, make sure all users have Essential Forms closed, and try to run the install again. If a specific file is mentioned in the error message, check that file by browsing to it in Windows Explorer, right-clicking on it and selecting "Properties", checking to see if "Read-only" is checked (if so, uncheck it and click OK). If that doesn't work, try temporarily disabling any anti-virus software to ensure it's not blocking the installer.

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