When I print certain forms, the text runs outside the right print margin and gets cut off, even though it looks fine onscreen. Why is this?

This problem can occur when the user specifies a scalable or proportional font (such as Times New Roman). Essential Forms performs a calculation on the text to determine how to display it. The driver for your printer also performs a calculation to determine how to print it, and unfortunately the two calculations may not quite match. Given enough characters, eventually the difference between the calculations can exceed the available margin space on the printed page. The simplest solution is to select Configure>Preferences, click on the Data Fields tab, and set the font to the fixed-width font: Courier New. Since the font character sizes in Courier New are fixed, there’s less potential for variation between the display and the print.

I am trying to print a multi-page document, I get a message to insert the next page. How do I turn this off so it just prints all the pages?

In Essential Forms click Configure>Preferences, and select the Print Options tab. In this window, under Next page printing mode, uncheck Pause between pages and click OK.

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