How do I get decimals or cents in numeric fields?

On the Essential Forms main page click, Configure > Preferences, select the Data Fields tab, check the box on the lower portion of the page, Use Decimal Values In Numeric Fields. Click OK. You will need to re-enter your numbers on any forms currently open, but you should see decimals or cents displayed going forward.

Do you have a zeros setting which displays a “0” in numerical fields in which nothing is entered?

No, you will have to manually enter "0" in each field.

Why do I not see commas in number values over a thousand showing up on the screen?

Due to a quirk in the way numeric fields are programmed, commas will not display on-screen, but they are added by default when the form is printed. In the Essential Forms window, if you click Configure > Preferences, and select either the Data Fields tab or the Print Options tab, you can verify that the Print Numeric Data Formatted With Commas box is checked and then click OK.

I need to type text into a numeric field. Is there a way to do this?

If the first character you type is a text character, the field re-formats as a text field. If a number has already been typed, it can be deleted and text then typed in.

I want to change the calculated numeric values in the "Total" but the program won't let me put the cursor in the field.

On the Essential Forms main page click,Configure Preferences, select the Data Fields tab, uncheck the first box on the lower portion of the page, Perform Automatic Calculations. Click OK. The program should now allow you to put the cursor in the field and edit it.

Can I search for a form without having to go through each Forms Group?

Yes. On the menu bar, in the Forms Library tab, we have a little binoculars icon which is our forms search feature. We would recommend checking all 3 boxes at the top in the Form Finder window under, Search By Form Group, Form Name, Form Number.

In the Search For window, you can enter a single word, form number (such as FL-150) or Form Group (such as Tuolumne) and then click enter on the keyboard or click Search. Once you locate the form in the list click on it and click Open/View to go right into the form. Open will open the form on the Opened Forms tab.

Can I archive old or closed clients so I don’t see them in the client list anymore?

We suggest exporting all matters for that client (you can select more than one for a given client by using <Ctrl> click or <Shift> click) by right-clicking on the matter or selected group of matters and click File, then Export matter(s). The program will allow you to choose the location you want to export the file to. You can then delete that client and, should you need it in the future, you can import it back in by going to the Client Information tab and clicking File, then Import matter(s). For more details on how to Import and Export, you can click Help, then View Essential Forms User's Manual and go to pages 25-26.s

What is "bookmark not exist"? I got it when I was trying to save a form?

The "bookmark not exist" error usually results from a broken network connection; data has been lost. Unfortunately, the user will most likely lose the open forms. You might try to Save As PDF (File > Save As PDF) or print the form. Reboot the computer, restart Essential Forms, make sure you're pointing to the correct data folder (Click Configure, then Data Directory).

When I try to save as PDF I get an error message, “I/O Error 32 Failed To Save As PDF Failed To Save As Postscript File.”

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Services, then select the search result of the same name.

  2. In the Services list, double-tap (or double-click) Print Spooler.

  3. Select Stop > OK.

  4. In the Services list, double-tab (or double-click) Print Spooler

  5. Select Start, and in the Startup Type list, make sure that Automatic is selected, and then select OK.

  6. Try rebooting the computer then going back into Essential Forms opening a document and click, File > Save As PDF.

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