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Can I purchase a print book and have it shipped to a prison inmate?
Can I purchase a print book and have it shipped to a prison inmate?

There are special procedures to ship a book to a prison or jail.

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CEB is able to ship books to an inmate at a prison.

There are special procedures for purchasing a publication that will be shipped to an inmate:

You can not place an order that will be shipped to a prison using a credit card through our website or by phone.

Step 1: Contact CEB Customer Support Mon-Fri 7:30am–5:00pm (PST) at 1 (800) 232-3444 and inform them you are would like to send a publication to an inmate and are requesting a quote.

Step 2: Mail a money order or Cashier’s Check for the amount of the quote. Make it payable to:

Regents of the University of California

c/o CEB 1111 Franklin Street

Oakland, CA 94607.

Please include with your payment the following information:

The individual’s name,

The docket number,

The prison name and address

When CEB has received payment and the required information, we will ship out the book according to the prisons guidelines. Please be aware that shipping to a prison takes longer, usually between 7-10 business days not including processing time or delays at the prison itself. This is because CEB may be required to modify book bindings to comply with prison guidelines.

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