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Reprint and reuse permission guidelines
Reprint and reuse permission guidelines

How to get permission to use our material

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  1. All requests for the reuse of CEB copyrighted material must be submitted in writing. Requests can be made via e-mail to
    All requests must include:

    1. The name and mailing address of the person requesting permission

    2. Name of the CEB publication or program

    3. Edition number, copyright or publication date of title or program

    4. The section or pages to be reproduced (For Reporters or the Practitioner, the name of the article)

    5. The intended number of copies to be reproduced and type of reproduction (e.g. hard copy, cd, USB drives, website posting, etc.)

    6. Statement of purpose of use including name and location of speaking events or website information

  2. All requests for reuse must be approved by CEB's Director of Product Development and/or Director of Programs

  3. Reuse permission is generally not granted for material until it has been published and available for sale for a minimum of 30 days.

  4. Generally, the following reuse requests are automatically approved:

    1. Requests by authors to use material they wrote as hand-outs for seminars or lectures.

    2. Reprints of Reporter or Practitioner articles by the author including website posting. (There is a charge of $50 if the contributor requests camera ready art.)

    3. Requests by professors to use parts of CEB publications as course material.

  5. Generally, a request for posting of material by an author on websites is limited to excerpted material unless it is an article written for a Reporter or Practitioner. Posting of CEB material on websites not associated with the author is generally not granted. Website permission is granted with the proviso that the poster place a link to on their website.

  6. In some cases, a payment of a royalty fee will be required by CEB in exchange for granting reprint permission for the use of CEB's copyrighted material. The fee is generally $5-10 per copy of the material being reprinted. The fee is determined by CEB's Finance Department, or if related to a CLE Program, CEB's Director of Programs.

  7. Any time reuse of CEB material is requested by someone who will use the material as something that will be sold, a royalty fee is charged. This includes material that is sold but associated with a program where a contributor is speaking.

  8. In certain circumstances, exceptions to these guidelines may be granted. Such requests should be directed to CEB's Director of Product Development.

  9. Once reuse permission has been granted, a Reprint Permission Letter will be generated and sent to the requester.


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