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What is the court’s requirement regarding text-searchable PDF’s?
What is the court’s requirement regarding text-searchable PDF’s?
Written by Sean McNie
Updated over a week ago

California Rule 8.74 requires all electronic documents be submitted to the court in text-searchable portable document format (PDF). The court may reject filings that include documents that are not text-searchable PDF’s. Recently many courts have become stricter in this rule, such as Los Angeles Superior Court, which on November 2, 2020 reiterated this requirement for all filings submitted within the county.

CEB does not eFile directly with the Courts, but instead offers eFiling through Rapid Legal®. Learn more about the partnership here.

PDFs generated from Essential Forms and filed through the Rapid Legal system meet this requirement. We strongly recommend submitting filings using forms created within the Essential Forms application and not submitting filings generated using any other third-party software.

If you have further any questions about this requirement or any other questions regarding the filing process, please contact Rapid Legal Customer Service:

Customer Support and Billing: (800) 366-5445

Send them a message here.

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