Program Opens Minimized
Written by Sean McNie
Updated over a week ago

On this station where EF opens minimized on the tool bar, do you have two monitors? Essential Forms is probably opening in-between the two monitors. We haven't changed the screen positioning of Essential Forms.

You can either disconnect the second monitor or if you're not using two monitors, try this:

Resetting the users configuration settings by right-clicking on the Essential Forms shortcut, click "Properties" then in the "Shortcut" tab put the cursor in the "Target" window all the way at the far right-side outside of the closed quotes. Then, put a space /f . It will look like this (depending on where your "Target" is launching from):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Essential Publishers\Essential Forms Premium\Efwin32.exe" /f

Then click, "Apply" and "Ok". Launch the Essential Forms program once like that. You will be asked to Please Select an Essential Forms Data folder location. You can try the drop-down window for your shared data location or check on another computer by opening Essential Forms and clicking Configure>Data Directory and note the path in that window. Go back to your station and click “browse” in the Select Data Directory window then click on the data folder found above and click Ok and Use This Directory. Does it now open maximized?

If it does, then close the Essential Forms program.

Go back into right-click Essential Forms shortcut>Properties>Shortcut Tab>Target and remove that "/f" off the target path.

The user will need to go through and reset their personal user preferences (as those will now have the defaults).

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