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Codebase Error -64, Could Not Find <Path> File <Name>
Codebase Error -64, Could Not Find <Path> File <Name>
Written by Sean McNie
Updated over a week ago

That error -64 usually means a file has gone missing or is renamed. The file <name> referred to in the error message at the end of the path is the file the program cannot access. It could also mean the Essential Forms program cannot find the data path.

If the error refers to the file “efsys32.dfb” follow the instructions:

1. Make sure the data path is correct and accessible if this is a network folder. If it’s not looking at the correct data folder then in the Essential Forms program click Configure>Data Directory and “browse” to the correct path. If you cannot open the program, right-click on the shortcut click on Properties (in the drop-down) click on the Shortcut tab, in the Target window put the cursor at the far right end and put a space <spacebar> forward slash /Q

Ex: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CEB\Essential Forms\EFWin32.exe" /Q

Click “Apply” and “OK”. Launch the program it should prompt you to “Please select a new Essential Forms data directory”. Once you select the correct path then remove the /Q off the shortcut.


2. Go into Start>My Computer and root down to the data folder location. Is the file in the Data folder or has it gone missing, is it in the Recycle bin?

3. If the file “efsys32.dbf” is missing from the data folder then reinstalling the latest Judicial Council Update Cd should place the file “efsys32.dbf” back in the data folder.


4. If the file “efsys32.dbf” is present in the data folder then make sure the anti-virus software is not an issue, or permissions.

5. Reboot the server and the workstation, making sure everyone in the office is out of Essential Forms, then try and open Essential Forms after that.

6. If the program still does not open you may need to restore a backup

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