Issue: Only one person is trying to gain access to the Essential Forms document. When trying to open the document the error “Failed To Unlock The Save Form Record. Record Locked By Another User, OK” pops up. However, when clicking on “Ok” you are still able to open the document. What causes this error code each time when opening the document?


Each saved form record in the FORMS.DBF has a LOCKED field, which is filled with the username of the user who opens it while that user has it open. When that user closes the saved form, the LOCKED field gets emptied out. "Record locked by another user" means that there's a value in the "LOCKED" field in that saved form record in the FORMS.DBF for some reason. I'd expect that to be true for all workstations opening that particular saved form. It's possible that there was a value in that field and the program crashed, and it got "stuck" in there (although usually the program's able to detect that kind of stuff and empty out any bogus entries in that field.)

Suggestion to fix this issue:

1. If it’s possible, reboot the server (or wherever the data directory is located) and see if that will release the lock. If that doesn’t work try #2.

2. Make sure synchronizing or offline files is "disabled". The type of databases we use do not support offline file synchronizing. Try #3 possibly.

3. Check the installed anti-virus settings, maybe it’s preventing the file from getting released.

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