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November Essential Forms Software Update Release Notes
Written by Sean McNie
Updated over a week ago


The latest update to Essential Forms resolves several issues, including data population on the Law Firm & Filing Attorney tabs, saved forms not appearing on Client Information tab, as well as enhancements such as a menu option to use decimal values in numeric fields and prompt to enter information related to your subscription.

Confirmation of Subscription Details

We are in the process of upgrading our subscription management system in order to improve billing, account management, and distribution of online updates. In order to prepare for this change, in November 2021 we will be distributing a software update that requests all Essential Forms users confirm certain information related to their subscription. Each individual user of Essential Forms will be prompted to enter their Account Number, First Name, Last Name, Firm Name, and Email.

Below you will find additional details regarding the information you must enter and the website registration requirement.

Account Number: 5 or 6-digit number associated with your customer account, which is typically the same as your bar number. This information can be found on the invoice that is included with your January disc. If you don't know your individual account number, please email or call 1-800-232-3444.

First Name: Your first name (if you belong to a firm/office with multiple users, this will still be your name - not the name associated with the account)

Last Name: Your last name (same as above)

Firm Name/Organization: Name of your firm/office, if applicable

Email: The email address you use within your firm/organization

Registration on Our new subscription management system requires all users of Essential Forms to have a customer account registered on our website for account administration purposes. There is no cost to create an account and a credit card is not required. You will need to register using the same work email address that you entered into the popup you filled out on Essential Forms. If you belong to a firm/organization with multiple users, each individual user of Essential Forms must create their own account at If you have not created an account, please visit and click the Try CEB Free button on the top-right of your screen.

Resolved Issues

  • Filling out information on the Law Firm & Filing Attorney tabs by using Configure > Firm Data causing an error.

  • Saved forms not immediately appearing on Client Information tab without refreshing or restarting application.

  • Removal of redundant prompt to install additional form modules after installing a module update.

  • Save as PDF feature removed to prevent issues with file output - saving PDF files now handled through Print feature.

  • Attachments for Proof of Service filings to Orange County causing an error during delivery.

New Features

  • Link on Help menu to CEB FAQ page which includes ability to live chat with our Customer Support team via the Intercom application.

  • Menu option when editing a form that allows you to right-click and choose to use decimal values in numeric fields.

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