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Bookmarks & folders in Practitioner
Bookmarks & folders in Practitioner

How to bookmark your favorite articles, cases, and chapters, and how to organize them in custom folders.

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Can I bookmark CEB content and save it to folders?

Yes! CEB offers folders and bookmarks to help you organize your research.

NOTE: IP Access customers who do not use individual usernames and passwords to log in to CEB do not have access to folders and bookmarks.

How do I bookmark a document?

Use the yellow bookmark icon near the top left-hand side of your screen to save and organize the pages and materials that are useful to you. From there, you can save your document by clicking the "Add Bookmark" button. You can either save your document to an existing folder or create a new custom folder to organize your bookmarks by topic, matter, or client.

How do I find and use my existing bookmarks?

Use the same yellow bookmark icon at the top of your screen. From there, you can navigate through your folders to find the bookmark you need.

Can I move or delete a bookmark?

Yes, you can. To move a bookmark, click the small folder icon above the bookmark you'd like to move.

To delete a bookmark, click the small red trash icon above the bookmark you'd like to delete.

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