What happened to the Reporters?

FAQ’s for the end of Reporter periodical publication

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What CEB Reporters are no longer being published?

As of June 2022 CEB is no longer offering Reporter subscriptions. The Reporters discontinued in June are:

  • California Business Law Reporter

  • Real Property Law Reporter

  • Estate Planning & California Probate Reporter

The Civil Litigation Reporter and the California Business Law Practitioner were previously terminated.

Why is CEB discontinuing production of the Reporters?

More timely case summaries and legal news articles are available online. We recommend you customize your complimentary CEB DailyNews homepage at research.ceb.com to create a daily feed of current developments in the practice areas most relevant to you and your clients.

When and how will I receive my refund for my Reporter subscription?

You will receive your refund via check. Estimated delivery of the refund is in late July. The check will come to you from UCLA.

How much will I be refunded?

Your refund amount depends on when you received your last renewal invoice. An annual subscription covers 6 issues of the Reporter. You will be refunded a prorated amount depending on the number of issues you have received.

I have online access as part of my Reporter subscription. When will that access end?

Access to the online version of the Reporters, that is included as part of the Reporters subscription, will end in early July.

Will the Reporters still be available on OnLAW and OnLAW Pro?

If you subscribe to a topical library that includes a Reporter, for example the Real Property Library, you will continue to have access to the archive of Real Property Reporters. CEB intends to continue including access to the Reporter archives in OnLAW and OnLAW Pro for the foreseeable future.

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