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Codebase Error -50, -70, -120 Writing To File/Reading File
Codebase Error -50, -70, -120 Writing To File/Reading File
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It’s possible that the error -50, -70 or -120 are associated with network connection issues. Make sure a consistent network connection has been established.

1.) Try to reboot the station and/or server then launch Essential Forms.  

2.) Try to pack and reindex, plus database cleanup:


With everyone closed out of the program click Configure>Preferences>Database Tab, in that window check the first 3 boxes in that window “Pack/Reindex Databases on program launch” click “OK”. Close the program and reopen once in that mode.

Next, go back into Configure>Preferences>Database Tab, in that window Uncheck those 2 boxes in that window “Pack/Reindex databases on program launch,” leave the first box checked, “Pack new databases on first launch,” that is a default setting. Still in that Database window, check the box “Database cleanup on program launch” click “Ok”. Now close and reopen the program.

Again, go back into Eforms and uncheck that box, “Database cleanup on program launch” click “Ok”. Now, see if those forms data is still jumbled or blank.

3.) Other Things To Consider On The Network:

-Server hardware doesn't have the capacity to handle traffic.

-Actual network hardware such as switches, cables or router are old or cannot handle the load of a large data set being accessed by multiple users.

-Make sure the station is hard-wired, not on a Wi-Fi connection.

-Installed anti-virus sometimes will monitor program activity.  Make exclusions for the Essential Forms program and data folders.

-Make sure windows and OneDrive syncing is turned off or disabled. The type of databases Essential Forms uses cannot support syncing in a multi-user environment.

-Disable sleep or hibernation mode.

-Users should have full permission (read, write and modify) on the Essential Forms Data folder.

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