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Error # 2, Could Not Find The File Formnote.dbt
Error # 2, Could Not Find The File Formnote.dbt
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The error #2 is a file not found error, so it means there's no formnote.dbt in the Essential Forms Data folder.  The options are as follow (try in this order): 

1. figure out if the data path referenced in the error message is the correct directory. If not, right-click the Essential Forms shortcut, click on Properties in the Target window go to the end of the path and after the last closed quote press the space bar and put a “/q”. It would look like this:

“C:/Program Files(x86)/CEB/Essential Forms/Efwin32.exe”  /q

 Click “Apply” and “Ok”. Launch Essential Forms and select the correct Essential Forms Data folder in the Select Data Directory window. Click Ok and Use This Directory.

Finally, remove the <space> /q on the shortcut>properties>target.

2. Find formnote.dbt and move it to the Essential Forms Data path referenced in the error message.

3. Restore a backup that contains formnote.dbt.

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