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External Exception: CL Is Not A Valid Integer
External Exception: CL Is Not A Valid Integer
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It could be there's a bad window size value in the registry.

Resetting the user's configuration settings by right-clicking on the Essential Forms shortcut, click "Properties" then in the "Shortcut" tab put the cursor in the "Target" window all the way at the far right-side outside of the closed quotes. Then, put a space /f . It will look like this (depending on where your "Target" is launching from):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Essential Publishers\Essential Forms Premium\Efwin32.exe" /f

Then click, "Apply" and "Ok". Launch the Essential Forms program once like that. Then, close the Essential Forms program.

Go back into right-click Essential Forms shortcut>Properties>Shortcut Tab>Target and remove that "/f" off the target path. 

The user will need to go through and reset their preferences. 

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