Archiving Clients
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In order to archive old cases we use the Import/Export procedure which is covered in the Essential Forms User's Manual under Help on pages 24-25 Exporting/Importing Client/Matters.

Exporting Clients/Matters & Forms For Archiving:

If you would like to archive client/matter(s) you do this by “Exporting” the appropriate client/matters (and forms) to a portable media such as a USB thumb drive or network or cloud folder location (of your choice) and then “Importing” that client/matter if you might need it at a later time.

*Note: The Export feature works by copying the information contained in the Client Case/Matter database and all of the saved forms contained in that matter folder onto the portable media or storage folder that you choose.

You cannot export data if you only select the client level. You must select the Matter. Here’s how to use this feature:

1. Create a new folder possibly titled "Archived Essential Forms Clients" in the location where you would like to save the old client/matters.

2. “Click” the Client Information tab.

3. Select the Client and then the Matter you want to “export” by selecting the appropriate Matter folder for that client. Note: You can only export the matters for one client at a time (the selection tool doesn't work across clients at the matter level.) So if a client has multiple matters, you could block-select them (left-click the first and then shift-click the last, or ctrl-click whichever individual ones you want) and export them together.

4. Either click your “right” mouse button, or select the “File” menu at the top of your screen and then select the Export button as shown below.

5. You will see the “Export data” window. Select the appropriate media type/location where you want the data to be saved and click on the “Save” button.

6. Now that you have exported your data to your "Archived Essential Forms Clients" folder you can then right-click on the client/matter you just exported in the Essential Forms program under the Client Information tab and click "delete".

Importing Archived Client/Matters: If you need to bring back your client/matters at a later date to your active Essential Forms database follow the steps below.

1. In the Client Information tab, select the "File" menu at the top menu bar. On the pull down menu, select the Import Matter(s) button.

2. You will see an “Import Data” window. Once you select the correct "Archived

Essential Forms Clients" folder you will see the file name of the matter you exported. When you import, you can block-select all the client/matters files in a single folder by holding the ctrl key down and then left clicking the client/matters. When you select all the client/matters you want to import then click the “Open” button.

3. The client data will be automatically imported into Essential Forms and create the Client/Matter with all of the associated forms. If you already have the same Client/Matter on your computer, you will get a confirming screen asking you if you want to replace the existing matter with the new imported matter. Select the appropriate button.

4. Since the client database for that matter has also been imported, you can edit saved forms or create new forms. It’s that simple!

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