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Setup has detected the registered program or data directory doesn't exist or isn't available at the moment
Setup has detected the registered program or data directory doesn't exist or isn't available at the moment
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1.) Try to run the installation with everyone out of Essential Forms.

2.) Try the Update from another computer or a computer with admin permissions.

3.) Try to install directly on the server.

4.) You might need to contact your network administrator to install the Update.

More Technical (Network Administrator)

5.) a. Open Essential Forms and click View>System Info. Under "Directories" make a note of the Program and Data paths (in blue). Close the program.

b. Compare the registered Program path and Data paths from a. above (View>System Information) with the program and data paths in the error message.

Based on what was found in 5a&b above, try one of the following (I, II or III):

I. If the registered program path or data path is NOT the correct location in the error message, try the following:

If when installing on the local workstation you get an error message, "The Registered Directory Either Doesn't Exist Or Isn't Available At The Moment" you might need to modify the stored paths for the Essential Forms "data" folder stored in the registry by going under Start, typing REGEDIT in the search bar. The paths that would need to be deleted:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Essential Publishers>Essential Forms>ProgramPath And DataPath: right click and modify keys "MainProgramPath" And "MainDataPath"

Try to run the efinstaller.exe again.

II. If the registered program path in the error message doesn’t match the Essential Forms shortcut>Properties>Target on the Desktop, try the following:

If the Essential Forms shortcut>Properties>Target on the Desktop doesn't match the registered program directory, you may want to launch once with the ' /r' command-line switch on the shortcut (or else draw a new shortcut from the registered program directory.) Right-click on the Essential Forms shortcut click Properties in the drop-down, click the Shortcut tab, in the Target window put the cursor at the far right-end (outside of the last closed quote if there is one) then press a space <spacebar> and type /R

Ex: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CEB\Essential Forms\EFWin32.exe" /R

Click “Apply” and “OK”. Run the program once in that mode and go back and remove that /R off the shortcut.

See if you can now run the efinstaller.exe without the error message.

III. If the registered data directory has already been updated on another workstation yet you’re still getting the error message on this station:

a. If the workstation in question only needs its program directory updated (in other words, someone else was able to update the data folder on the network), then rather than trying to get the installer to run try to launch the program as an administrator.

b. If running as admin does not work:

Please include the request for the version, a CEB customer number or account name and the error message.

We will send back a link to the zip version of the JC Update to install.

Unzip and open the Bin folder.

Copy all the files out of the \BIN folder on the latest Judicial Council Update and paste them into their Essential Forms program directory ( our default, C:/Program Files(x86)/CEB/Essential Forms).

You should “copy and replace” for all files with the same name. If the process hangs in the pasting of the files make sure the Essential Forms Updater is closed in the system tray (right-click and click “exit” and “yes” you’re sure you want to close the updater). Those are the only files needed to update in the program folder, and if the data folder has been updated already. Once the copy/paste is finished go ahead and launch Essential Forms it should already be updated to the latest version.

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