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Unable to uninstall or reinstall Essential Forms program
Unable to uninstall or reinstall Essential Forms program
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If your unable to uninstall or install the Essential Forms program because of previously stored program or data paths follow the instructions below:

Click on “Start” type in the search window "regedit", click on "Registry Editor" and root down to the locations deleting the program and data paths:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Essential Publishers>Essential Forms>Program Path & Data Path: Deleting "MainProgramPath" and “MainDataPath”

Collapse the registry folders and close REGEDIT.

Now, run the Latest Judicial Council Update and you can now choose the location to install. 

Then, launch Essential Forms and you will see "Sample Client/New Matter" which is a brand new (local C: ) database.

If you have a network location where the Essential Forms Data folder is shared from you can click Configure on the menu bar, then "Data Directory" and "browse" to your desired network Essential Forms Data path on your shared location click on the "Essential Forms Data" folder and "Ok" then "Use This Directory" it should prompt you to restart.

Reopen the Essential Forms shortcut on this station and you should now see the shared network database.

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