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Error Installing Ikernel.exe
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If you’re getting “Error Installing Ikernel.exe” when trying to install the Essential Forms Judicial Council Update:

1.) Copy the Essential Forms program folder from a computer where they're not having this issue (so you know it has all the files) and paste it in place of the program folder that is having this issue. 

2.) Possibly an overzealous anti-malware security is causing the issue. Temporarily disabling the anti-virus and trying the JC Update again.

More Advance- Network Administrator

3.) Removing the Installshield key:

Go under Start>File Explorer, deleting the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{1406D422-1625-4A0F-8667-8C5410922614. The downside is that "InstallShield Installation Information" is a hidden folder by default, so you may not see it unless you also have them to into "View>Show/Hide" and check the "Hidden Files" box.

Then, try the latest Judicial Council Update link again. Does that work?

4.) If deleting the installshield folder in #3 didn’t work, put the station in safe mode, remove the Installshield folder (item#3) and re-install the JC Update. Removing the registry key should force a fresh install condition in which all files will get installed.

If the suggestions above do not work, something on the system must be preventing those files from getting installed (or at least, staying installed).   

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