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Program never opens hangs initializing or stuck packing databases
Program never opens hangs initializing or stuck packing databases
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1.) Have everyone close out of Essential Forms. Try to reboot stations and server. See if the program can be opened on one station. If not, try #2).

2.) Try to right-click Essential Forms shortcut and run as administrator. Maybe the packing databases needs higher permissions than what the user is granted. Or, try to launch logged in as admin on another station. Try #3, if that does not work.

3.) Make sure the station has a connection to the shared network data folder location by going under File Explorer and checking the mapped or network folder to see if it has a green bar or red X. If it has a red X the network connection is the problem and the IT person would need to be contacted. If the shared Essential Forms folder has a green bar, then try #4.

4.) Check if the anti-virus might be blocking the program from opening.

a.) You might be able to pause protection on the anti-virus and see if the program opens. If it does, you may need to set exclusions item b).

b.) You may need to make exclusions in the anti-virus for the Essential Forms program and data folders. Try to launch the program after setting folder exclusions. Some anti-virus programs update security settings and will start blocking our executables. If the anti-virus is not the issue, try #5.

More Advanced- Network Administrators

5.) Sometimes copying the data folder from the server and pasting a copy of the data folder locally on the station will allow the program to perform the normal pack and reindex databases routine. Once the data folder is pasted locally, right-click the Essential Forms shortcut, click on Properties in the Target window go to the end of the path and after the last closed quote press the space bar and put a “/q”. It would look like this:

“C:/Program Files(x86)/CEB/Essential Forms/Efwin32.exe” /q

Click “Apply” and “Ok”.

Open the Essential Forms program. If it asks you to “Select an Essential Forms Data” folder location you can click “browse” in the “Select Data Directory” window navigate to the local data folder location and click “Ok” and “Use This Directory.” See if it opens. If so, you can go into the program click Configure>Preferences>Database tab and UNcheck “Pack new databases on first launch” and click OK. Close the program.

Remove the <space> /q off the Essential Forms shortcut, clicking the Properties in the Target window. Click Apply and Ok. See if it opens now with hanging in packing databases. If that doesn't work, try #6.

6.) Try to open the Essential Forms program in Safe Mode with Networking. It should pack the databases and open. If so, you can go into Configure>Preferences>Database tab and uncheck “pack new databases on next launch” and click Ok. Close Essential Forms, boot back into Windows normally and it should open fine. If all else fails, try #7.

7.) If the program still will not open you may need your IT person to restore a complete backup of the Essential Forms Data folder.

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