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Server Migration Of Essential Forms
Server Migration Of Essential Forms
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In theory you should be able to open the Essential Forms program, click View>System Information under Directories make a note of the Program and Data path locations (in blue). Those are the two locations we are concerned with.

The “Program” may be on a mapped drive or a UNC path location (://) or the local C: Drive (C:/ProgramFiles (x86)/CEB (Essential Publishers)/Essential Forms Data (Data). If the “Program” is on the local C:Drive you would only need to copy/paste the Essential Forms Data folder from the old shared server location and point the workstations to the new server location for the Essential Forms Data location by simply launching the Essential Forms program and clicking Configure>Data Directory. Repeat on each station and that’s it!

However, if the “Program” is launching from a shared server shortcut on the workstations you can follow Option#1 or Option#2 below.

The “Data” is probably on the shared server location.

Option#1: Copy the entire Essential Forms program folder and the Data folder and paste those on the server location where users have full read, write and modify permissions.

*Modify the program and data paths for the registry on each station which I will include below.

Option#2: Create a new folder where you want to house the Essential Forms program and data folders on the server.

Run the latest Judicial Council Update

Copy the whole “Essential Forms Data (Data)” folder (found above in View>system Information, Directories, “Data”) from the old server then paste it in the location on the new server where you want to share it from.

Launch Essential Forms on the new server. Click Configure>Data Directory and “browse” to the new server data path location.

Then, draw new shortcuts from the efwin32.exe on each workstation you may have to browse to the new data folder the first time.

*Modify the program and data paths for the registry on each station included below.

Where Does Essential Forms Write To The Registry?

Click on “Start” type in the search window "regedit", click on "Registry Editor" and root down to the locations deleting the program and data paths:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Essential Publishers>Essential Forms>Program Path & Data Path: Right-click and “Modify” "MainProgramPath" and “MainDataPath” to new server location.

Collapse the registry folders and close REGEDIT.

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