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Database Corruption- Cause/Explanation and Backing Up Data Regularly
Database Corruption- Cause/Explanation and Backing Up Data Regularly
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Data corruption is pretty-rare and usually an event such as a power-outage, the Essential Forms program running on a cloud platform that syncs or a malware/virus infection or hardware failure.  I can't say I've seen an Essential Forms Update cause database corruption as our updates just install new forms in the Forms>Catalog folder. I have seen a station crash during a JC update and lose the database which is also extremely rare.

With regular nightly or weekly backups any database loss can be fixed with a data restore.

Manual backups can be created in Essential Forms by clicking File>Backup Data and saving those in a safe place on a daily or weekly basis.

I'm sorry for this loss of saved forms data. We don’t have any reports of the database corruption being an ongoing situation with our customer base.

We wouldn’t have a way to unravel the root cause of database corruption on our end as the Logs only record error messages. Other than having you investigate on your end what was outlined above: if there is some kind of syncing of the database, the data folder is in the cloud, users are working remotely and losing connections with data files open, or some kind of power outage happened, hardware failure or malware infection coincide with the corruption event.

You could run once a week database utilities:

Database Cleanup:

You can run a series of database cleanup utilities with everyone out of Essential Forms and see if that sorts the jumbled data. Sometimes it does, most of the time, however the corrupted data would have to be fixed manually or if it’s severe throughout I usually have to pull a backup and perform the restoring backup instructions below.

With everyone out of the program click Configure>Preferences>Database Tab, in that window check the first 3 boxes in that window “Pack/Reindex Databases On Next Launch” click “OK”. Close the program and reopen once in that mode.

Next, go back into Configure>Preferences>Database Tab, in that window UNcheck those 2 boxes in that window “Pack/Reindex Databases On Next Launch”, leave the first box checked that is a default setting. Still in that Database window, check the box “Database Cleanup on Program Launch” click “Ok”. Now close and reopen the program.

Again go back into Eforms and UNcheck that box,  “Database Clean Up On Program Launch” click “Ok”.

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