Database Corruption- Restore Options
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If the forms database got corrupted at some point and one keeps using it (even if you've run database utilities on it--those can stabilize the database so that subsequently added records are intact, but they can't restore jumbled data in records that are already damaged), one will continue to discover forms that were affected. The least-worst scenario is that one notices it very soon after it happens and restores a backup made before whatever incident it was that caused the corruption (maybe having to export a few new matters from the corrupt database and import them into the restored intact backup.)

The further down the road one goes without restoring an intact backup, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish which matters have been worked on since the corruption occurred, which matters have corrupted form files and which don't, and at that point, one is stuck with bad options:

a) wiping out the whole database and starting from scratch; starting with a brand new empty Essential Forms Data folder and renaming the corrupted Data folder. Then, configure (Configure>Data Directory) to that corrupted data folder and one-by-one opening a client/matter checking each saved form, then if they’re all showing saved data export the client/matter to the new Essential Forms Data folder by clicking File>Import Matter. And repeating for each client matter.

b) maintaining two separate data folders and hoping that if the folder one is looking at contains corrupted forms, the other one has uncorrupted versions of those forms.

A sub-option of b) would be taking the time to compare the contents of the two folders, exporting the most complete intact version of each matter, and merging everything into an uncorrupted database.

If you would like to set-up a brand new Essential Forms Data folder tech support ( can send as a downloadable link as a zip folder link to establish a new database. Please include your CEB customer number or firm name and the reason for the request (database corruption). With a new database accessible, the corrupted Data folder can be configured to (configure>data directory in the program) back and forth when an old case needs to be accessed.

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