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Form Printing Too Close To Page Edge
Form Printing Too Close To Page Edge
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Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about this. The margins of our forms don't get specified during printing at all, they're pre-set when the form is created in the Forms Maker. So, there's no way to adjust the print margins (and generally no need to.)

The technology used in inkjet printers doesn't handle margins very well. Since you've got a moving part spraying ink across a given line, shifting down to the next line, and continuing, any slight variation in how that moving part is calibrating a "line" will lead to a stretching or compressing of the page when it's repeated however many times it requires to print a page. Printers can also vary on how they pull a page in and start printing on it, so the top margin can be slightly higher or lower than the "true" top margin.

Here's what I would suggest:

-Have you tried downloading the latest print driver from the printer manufacturer website? It might need re-calibration.

-Have you tried in Essential Forms with a doc open, click File>Save As PDF. Then, try to print that PDF file, see if the margins are different. That uses a MS Publisher Imagesetter driver making the conclusion that it’s the current print driver that needs calibrating.

-One thing that some users have found works is to go into the printer properties and specify a custom paper size, either 8 and a half by 12 or 8 and a half by 10, and see if the printer adjusts in a way that works. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

-Reduce the scaling on the final printout from 100% to say 97%, here's how:

Open the form click File>Print Form.

In the Print window click on Properties.

In the Printer Properties window click on Advanced.

In The Advanced window set the Scaling from 100% to 97%

*Getting to this "scaling" window will vary depending on the printer model.

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