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Font Text Displaying Differently On Forms Between Monitors/Stations
Font Text Displaying Differently On Forms Between Monitors/Stations
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If the user will save a form, another user opens that saved form on their workstation and certain lines of text are completely omitted or now they have a hard return right in the middle of a sentence and the text drops down a line this might require some trial and error.

Try the following:

First: In Essential Forms set all workstations with the same font & size under Configure>Preferences>Data Fields/ User Fields tab>Font name & Size in points. Basically, mirroring all the configuration settings on all stations.

Second: Still in Essential Forms, make sure everyone has the Opened Forms tab>Zoom percent set the same (Normal 100%).

If they are all using the same font, preferably, a more scaleable font like Courier New or Arial, rather than a wide width font like Times New Roman (which seems to cause formatting calibration issues with our printed forms) then try troubleshooting the resolution or system font sizes.

Third: It might be different monitor sizes/screen resolution or font sizes set under Control Panel>Appearances & Personalization>Display or Fonts.

In conclusion: If they've got the font style, size, and display zoom settings all at the same size, then it would be an issue with the screen resolution. This is all the result of various calculations that are going on to determine how stuff is going to display, so any variation is going to get magnified as calculations get rounded off.

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