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Codebase error -1110: Memo File Corrupt Database: \\server...\Forms.dbf
Codebase error -1110: Memo File Corrupt Database: \\server...\Forms.dbf
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Memo file corruption is almost always impossible for the program to truly repair. It may be that packing and reindexing will make the error message go away, but usually that involves discarding the corrupted data. What that means on a practical level is that any forms that were saved between dates x (the date the first affected file was originally saved) and y (the date the corruption occurred) are likely to be blank when reopened.

What to do:

It's usually necessary to restore a backup made before the corruption occurred. Then, you can run the pack and reindex of the database after that.

You can then run a pack/reindex of the database.

Packing And Reindexing Databases:

With everyone out of the Essential Forms program (if it's on a network), to pack and reindex the database go ahead and open the program on one workstation.

In the program up on the menu bar click on Configure>Preferences>Database and check both "Pack databases on program launch" and "Reindex databases on program launch", Click "Ok". and close and reopen the program once in that mode. Then, go back in and UNcheck those two boxes in Configure>Preferences>Database and uncheck both: "Pack databases on program launch" and "Reindex databases on program launch, " then click "Ok".

Launch the program once in that mode then close the program.

The program attempts to pack and reindex the databases on program launch. If another user is already in the program (or if the program thinks another user is in there), it can't pack and reindex because the databases are presumed open. So if everybody's out of the program, the next user to open it (if they have the switch or the configuration setting in place) will perform the pack and reindex.

If everybody's networked to the same database, only one user needs to successfully perform the pack and reindex in order to fix the problem.

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