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Codebase Error -80 Removing File Application Error
Codebase Error -80 Removing File Application Error
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"Application Error: Exception EDatabaseError in module EFwin32.exe"

The Codebase manual says:

Codebase Error -80, an error occurred while attempting to remove a file. This error will occur when the file is opened by another user or the current process, and an attempt is made to remove that file.

Since the error refers to the data file "clients.dbf", I would guess that “clients.dbf” file is locked open. Have the user(s) close out of Essential Forms and try the following in this order:

1.) Can you possibly reboot the station. Then, try to launch the Essential Forms program see if it opens without the error message.

2.) If it doesn’t work try to reboot the server, if networked.

3.) If you cannot reboot the server you could go into "Computer Management" on the server, then System Tools> Shared Folders>Open Files and close all instances of the “Efwin32.exe” and “Efdownloader.exe”. Granted this will end the users sessions in the Essential Forms program. That should reset the counter. Then, try to pack and reindex the database.

4.) Maybe it’s a permissions issue…does that user have full permissions (read, write and modify permissions) on the shared Essential Forms Data folder?

5.) Packing and Reindexing Databases:

With everyone out of the Essential Forms program (if it's on a network), to pack and reindex the database go ahead and open the program on one workstation.

In the program up on the menu bar click on Configure>Preferences>Database and check both "Pack databases on program launch" and "Reindex databases on program launch", Click "Ok". Close and reopen the program once in that mode. Then, go back in and UNcheck those two boxes in Configure>Preferences>Database and uncheck both: "Pack databases on program launch" and "Reindex databases on program launch, " then click "Ok".

The program attempts to pack and reindex the databases on program launch. If another user is already in the program (or if the program thinks another user is in there), it can't pack and reindex because the databases are presumed open. So if everybody's out of the program, the next user to open it (if they have the switch or the configuration setting in place) will perform the pack and reindex.

If everybody's networked to the same database, only one user needs to successfully perform the pack and reindex in order to fix the problem.

See if one of these suggestions helps to resolve the Codebase Error -80 Application Error.

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