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How to Create An LDA Stamp or Custom Form Template
How to Create An LDA Stamp or Custom Form Template
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How To Create An LDA Stamp

This process involves the following features using “Essential Forms”.

1. Creation of “Templates”

2. Creation of a “Custom Field”

3. Use of “Cut & Paste” copy function.

Creating Templates

1. Templates are forms that you create which will always have the same boxes checked or data filled in, for use with each client. So for example, you may want to have your LDA stamp appear on several of the forms you use every day. Once a template is created, you simply “drag” or duplicate the form in your client’s folder and the form will auto-fill with the data from the client’s profile, but will retain the items you put in your template.

2. To create Templates simply use the “New Client” process to create a “Template Library” folder. Click on the Client Information tab, Click on the New Client icon on the tool bar, or Select File|New Client on the Menu Bar. A screen called the “Client Database Assistant” will appear and looks like this. Rename the Client Name to something like “1-Template Library” and name the Matter for a specific type of case, such as “Divorce”, etc. You can create as many template folders as you wish for different types of cases.

TIP Putting the number “1” in front of the name Template Library will cause that folder to sort to the top of your client listings. ƒ You can ignore the screens that ask for “Select the Filing Court” or “Select the Filing Attorney” unless you want that information to appear in every form.

3. Once you have created the template folders you need to create the template forms themselves. Choose and open a blank form from the Forms Library as usual. • Click on the Forms Library tab. • On the left side of the screen contained in a tab called Standard, you will find a series of Form Groups. These are blank forms, arranged alphabetically in groups designated by the Judicial Council. • Scroll down to the Form Group you are interested in and click on the folder. On the right side of the screen will be displayed all of the forms contained in that group. • To open the form either “double-click” the form name, or use the Open Selected Forms icon. The view on your screen will automatically switch to the Opened Forms tab screen and your form will now be displayed for you to begin filling.

4. Check the appropriate boxes and fill in any data that you want to always appear in the Template forms.

5. Next you need to create a Custom Field for your LDA stamp.

Creating Custom Fields

Note: This added custom field can be any size and can be placed in any location you want. Here’s how you add a field:

1. Click on the Edit menu at the top, then select Add User Field; or Click the Add User Field icon on your menu bar; or

2. Hold down the “left” mouse button and “drag" your mouse to the right and down to draw a ruled text field. Release the left mouse button when you have the size you want. (Note that it is possible to add a field by just using this step without using any of the first two methods mentioned above).

3. You can move the new field to any location you want such as in the Caption area by clicking your right mouse and selecting the “Move” option from the drop down menu. TIP You can move, re-size, delete, or change all of the characteristics of this field by simply clicking on the new field with your right mouse button to get the “properties” menu. Here is what that menu looks like.

4. Click in the new custom field and start typing your LDA information.

Note that to get everything to fit you may activate the “automatic shrink-to-fit” feature. You can always change the font or font size by selecting the “Attributes” option in the pull down menu as show above.

5. Save this template in your 1-Template Library by using the Save Form button on the tool bar, or selecting SAVE FORM from the File Menu.

Copying your LDA Stamp Using “Cut & Paste”

1. Make sure you have opened a Form that contains your LDA stamp.

2. Open up any additional Forms that you want to create as Templates, and check the boxes or add data as appropriate.

3. Create a Custom Field in the new Forms (as outlined above) to receive the LDA stamp you are going to copy.

TIP: It is important that the receiving field has the same “Attributes” as the field you are copying from, otherwise all of the data may not transfer. Check the “Attributes” of this field by simply clicking on the new field with your right mouse button to get the “properties” menu. Click on the “Attributes” item and change to conform with the field you are copying from. Do this before you attempt to “Paste” any data.

4. Go back to the original LDA stamp form, click on that LDA stamp field. Select the text you want to copy and either use you right mouse button to select “Copy” or use the Windows™ command of “Control C”.

5. Now go back to the previous form, click into the new Custom Field and “Paste” by either using your right mouse button or the “Control V” command. Your LDA stamp should now be copied into the new form.

6. Repeat the above steps as many times as you desire. That’s all there is to it. Try it !!!!

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