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Essential Forms Updater- An update for Essential Forms is ready to install.

Please restart Essential Forms to install the update. Click OK.

After confirming the latest Update worked, still getting a message that keeps popping up even if the program (and/or computer) is closed and restarted.

Sample screenshot:

Here’s what to do:

On this workstation, open Essential Forms and click Configure>Preferences>Desktop tab. Under Update Options, uncheck “enable automatic updating of software components” and click Ok. Close EF program.

Navigate to the Essential Forms Data folder under File Explorer.

*If you’re not sure where the data folder resides open Essential Forms again and click Configure>Data Directory and make a note of the path in that window.

In File Explorer open the Essential Forms Data folder go to the SoftwareModules folder and delete everything in that SoftwareModules folder.

Still in the Data folder open FormsModules folder. Delete everything in there, EXCEPT the Archive folder (leave the Archive folder). Open the Archive folder. Delete everything inside Archive. Close File Explorer.

Relaunch EF.

See if you still get the pop-up notice about an Essential Forms update ready to install.

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