Each copy of Essential Forms is ready to run on network or a stand-alone application. Essential Forms may be installed on one computer. For convenience Essential Forms may be installed on one additional computer at an alternate workplace such as a home office.

To install Essential Forms and use the materials on a local area network, wide area network, or any other multiple-user computer hardware/software configuration within a single firm, agency, or company, a specific license for such network or multiple user use must be obtained from CEB by calling Customer Service at 1-800-232-3444, press #1.

Network licenses are subscription products that are automatically renewed. Near the end of a subscription period, an invoice will be sent for the next year's subscription. Prompt payment of the renewal invoice will allow for uninterrupted service for the next year.

If you have a network, our recommendation is to have the program installed only on the computer that is or acts as the server. All the other computers should have a “desktop shortcut” pointing to the server to launch the program.

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