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Our solution for easily and efficiently completing, California Judicial Council Forms and eFiling in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Francisco counties.

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What is Essential Forms?
Essential Forms Update FAQ’s
Essential Forms: Video Tutorial - Searching Forms, Opening Multiple Forms
Essential Forms: Video Tutorial - Legal Spell Check, Export, Auto Backup
Essential Forms: Video Tutorial - Profiles, Shared Data, Legal Solutions Conversion
How does an Essential Forms subscription work?
How does a County Forms Package work?
Does Essential Forms work on a Mac?
What Counties' Forms are available on Essential Forms?
Do you have a network version of Essential Forms?
Do you have Jury Instructions in Essential Forms?

Does Essential Forms have a User's Manual?
Why am I receiving "Maintenance Is Being Performed On The Essential Forms Dataset" error message?
How Do I Save A Form As PDF?
I can't enter my law firm information in the client database assistant – edit firm data window – it's greyed out.
How can I change client/matter entries in a previously saved form without re-typing the entire form? What if I need to change some information for a whole group of saved forms; do I have to re-type it?
What comes over with the Legal Solutions Plus Import?
Printing help for Essential Forms
Usage and configuration help for Essential Forms
Forms Populating Issues
Archiving Clients
Moving Client Data
Merging Databases
Getting Windows Restricted Area Message
Network Installation Instructions
The Essential Forms Updater
Obsolete & Revised Forms
Revised or Removed Forms
Does the program have an automatic backup routine built in? What should I back up?
Individual County Forms Modules and County Form Packages
Error Installing Ikernel.exe
Lost or Missing Client/Matter
Restoring Your Data
Two Attorneys In Forms
July 2023 Essential Forms Update Release Notes
Form Printing Too Close To Page Edge
Font Text Displaying Differently On Forms Between Monitors/Stations
Inserting Special Characters In Forms
Losing Saved Form Data In Certain Fields
Changing Font Style/Size:
Attempting To Print A Form It Just "Disappears" And Nothing Prints
Removing OBSOLETE Watermark On The Forms
Strange Characters Or A Backwards Letter P Within Checkboxes
Does Essential Forms work in the cloud?

Forms Open Completely Blank Or Data Jumbled - Database Corruption
You are about to create the following blank database <file name> do you wish to proceed "yes" or "cancel"?
Program Files Downloader.exe/Server/Essential Publishers/Data- “The Parameter Is Incorrect”
Getting The Error Message Opening A Saved Form: “Failed To Unlock The Save Form Record. Record Locked By Another User, “Ok”’.
Program Stuck In Packing Databases
“Invalid Class Type Cast”: Error When Saving A Form
Error -60
Codebase Error -64, Could Not Find <Path> File <Name>
Codebase Error 630 Optimization File Flashing Failure When Saving Forms
Codebase Error -61, Permissions
CBDBENG.DLL is Missing Error When Launching Program
CodeBase Error -1, Invalid or Unknown Error Code
Codebase Error -330, "Tag Name Not Found"
Error -310 Occurred While Attempting To Open <Data Path>
Codebase Error -200 File Is Not A Data File
Codebase Error -30: Determining File Length Database: ..\Forms.dbf
Program Opens Minimized
Maximum Users Message
Catastrophic Failure Running JC Update
Form [Name] Was Not Found In The Formlist Database or Dunzip encountered an error [Number] retrieving the form from the module name. ZIW file
Codebase Error -50, -70, -120 Writing To File/Reading File
Lost Saved Courts And Firm Data
Error # 2, Could Not Find The File Formnote.dbt
Checking Data Integrity
External Exception: CL Is Not A Valid Integer
You Are Attempting To Launch Essential Forms with an Out of Date Updater Component
Judicial Council Update Procedure
"Forms Out Of Date" Notice After Running Latest JC Update
Failed To Save As PDF- Failed To Save As Postscript File
Setup has detected the registered program or data directory doesn't exist or isn't available at the moment
Unable to uninstall or reinstall Essential Forms program
Ikernel.exe error installing JC Update on a Mac in Parallels
"Access is Denied" error installing JC Update
Program never opens hangs initializing or stuck packing databases
Nothing to Export Error- Renaming and Exporting Client(s)/Matter(s)
Packing And Reindexing Databases- Program Won’t Open
Server data folder (or NAS device) that won’t update
Failed To Flush Cached Data Into The File Clients.dbf. Error(1450): Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service
"CBDBeng.dll is missing" error when launching program or "Access violation at address..../CBDBeng.dll"
Essential Forms Will Not Open- Safe Mode with Networking Instructions
Database Corruption- Cause/Explanation and Backing Up Data Regularly
Database Corruption- Restore Options
Corrupted Database Blank Forms or Jumbled Data- Repair/Resolution
No Default Printer Selected
Codebase error -1110: Memo File Corrupt Database: \\server...\Forms.dbf