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July 2023 Essential Forms Update Release Notes
July 2023 Essential Forms Update Release Notes
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July 2023 Essential Forms update includes 10 Juvenile form changes effective July 1, 2023 and one minor software change. Publisher’s list containing form changes and info on software change detailed below.

Software Versions

  • EFWin32.exe (desktop):

  • EFDownloader.exe (desktop updater):

  • EFilingLC.ocx (LegalConnect eFiling):

  • EFiling.ocx (eFiling): (still included but code frozen/not visible to customer)

Software Update Summary

The only software change included in this update is a minor change to EFDownloader.exe that renamed/removed legacy eFiling references we missed before the Legal Connect eFiling launch. Only changes to the text were made - no changes to functionality. Low customer impact.

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