January 2024 JC Update FAQ’s
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Q: I ran the January 2024 JC Update how do I know if it worked?

A: Open Essential Forms. Click Help>About. It should be version with an Effective: 1/22/2024 and Expires: 6/30/2024

Q: Do I need to log in to CEB.com? Is there a password to install the latest January 2024 JC Update?

A: No. It's not necessary to log-in to CEB.com to access the latest Update download and there's no password with the download. If you're on the Download Essential Forms page, scroll down on the page under "Getting Started" and click on Download Essential Forms (in blue). That should give you the efinstaller.exe file to install the latest January Update. It would be great at some point if you could register on CEB.com.

Q: What forms changed with this January Update?

A: The latest JC form changes can be found in the program in the Forms Library tab under the Form Lists folder, on the right-side, click on JC Form Changes 1/22/2024 to see the complete list.

Q: Are the updates cumulative if I missed one?

A: Yes, the Updates are cumulative, so install the latest one.

Q: Will the program stop working if we do not install the Update?

A: No. The program still works, you will no longer receive the latest form revisions.

Q: This is the same version I had already with July 2023, why did I have to run this Update?

A: The Effective/Expires dates change with the Update, which ensure the program continues to receive the latest automatic form updates throughout the year.

Q: Why did we not get the JC Update link?

A: If the subscription is current, we mass email the download link to all customers on July 3rd to the primary Essential Forms account holder (verify email). If the account holder does not see the download link check the spam, junk or other folders. The email should be from “no reply @salesforce.com”. If you're still not seeing the email you can reach us at 800-232-3444.

Q: I clicked on the email and nothing happened?

A: You may have to scroll down on the web page and click on Download Essential Forms (in blue) to install the Update. Install instructions are there as well.

Q: Can I forward this download link page to other users in the office?

A: Based on our terms of use agreement a subscription is for 1 office and 1 home or laptop computer. If you subscribe to network licenses you can forward it to the users based on the number of licenses you subscribe to (verify licenses). If you need additional licenses we sell them in 5’s- 5@ $49/per year, 10@$99/per year, etc.

Q: I ran the January JC Update but I still get the “Forms out of Date” notice and/or I see the Program Expires on 12/31/2023 on the splash screen?

A: Make sure everyone is closed out of Essential Forms. Try the JC Update again on this computer or from another computer with admin permissions or the server. You might need your network admin or IT to install.

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