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If you recently saved a form and it's not showing under the Client/Matter in the Client Information tab, try this:

1.) a.) The saved forms not showing up might be a refresh issue.

If you close and reopen the Essential Forms program see if the saved form should show-up properly under the Matter.

If you create a new form, then with the EF program open, click F5 or hit the blue refresh arrow on the menu bar, see if the saved forms should shows-up.

b.) Maybe even check at the bottom of the client list sometimes forms are saved below letter "Z" and not connected to a client/matter:

c.) What about checking under other clients/matters you worked on recently to see if it was accidentally saved to another client/matter. Or, possibly the client was added last name first or vice versa first name first and the saved form might be under that client/matter.

d.) If the saved form is still missing, you may have to re-create the form.

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2.) Make sure the user has full permissions read, write and modify permissions on the Essential Forms program and data folders which are the folders when you open EF and click View>System Information, under Directories>Program and Data.

3.) Otherwise, you might get everyone out of Essential Forms and run database utilities to see if the missing saved forms might be stuck in a temp folder.

You can run a series of database cleanup utilities with everyone out of Essential Forms and see if that sorts the jumbled data. Sometimes it does, most of the time, however the corrupted data would have to be fixed manually or if it’s severe throughout I usually have to pull a backup and perform the restoring backup instructions below.

With everyone out of the program click Configure>Preferences>Database Tab, in that window check the first 3 boxes in that window “Pack/Reindex Databases On Next Launch” click “OK”. Close the program and reopen once in that mode.

Next, go back into Configure>Preferences>Database Tab, in that window UNcheck those 2 boxes in that window “Pack/Reindex Databases On Next Launch”, leave the first box checked that is a default setting. Still in that Database window, check the box “Database cleanup on program launch” click “Ok”. Now close and reopen the program.

Again go back into Eforms and UNcheck that box, “Database cleanup on program launch” click “Ok”. Now, see if those forms show up.

4.) If the saved form is still missing and this has been a patter, in Essential Forms click Configure>Preferences> Database tab, makes sure "Enable database write caching" is UNchecked, the window should have these boxes checked by default:

5.) If recreating the form is not an option you might need your IT to restore a backup that contains the missing saved form. This FAQ might be helpful for restoring a client/matter (and saved forms) from a backup:

Hopefully, one of these suggestions will bring back the missing saved form.

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